An Entombed Crimson Minotaur

I am making progress with this grievously wounded warrior who is now sporting a luscious coat of Mephiston Red spray. Painting this chap in separate parts was a good call as it has made it far easier to get to all the mechanical areas. There is a lot of detail around the back of the legs which a glue on torso would restrict visibility to.

I did consider masking some areas to go for some black stripes but the large surfaces on this model are very curved and I did not fancy dealing with that. I settled for some simpler black areas and used an etched brass minotaur icon on the knee pad for a bit of extra detail.

I am particularly pleased with the base on this model, the metal mesh is a rather nice bit of scrap metal that breaks up the surface very pleasingly. Looking forward to getting into the detail of the base more than the contemptor itself!

It's all a bit messy right now in the early stages but take a look anyway:

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