The Best of the Chapter

My command squad of Veteran Minotaurs represent the utmost elite of the chapter, the heroes that other marines look to with respect and for direction in the heat of battle. I wanted this squad to be more than a collection of bodyguards - I wanted each one to feel unique with their own personality and potentially their own backstory. So I treated them as such, individual characters built in isolation and using parts from other kits to give each one their own spin.

I am already a fan of the standard Games Workshop command squad boxed set, the extra bits and details you get on the sprue are excellent and the company champion MKVIII Errant power armour is particularly nice. However I don't think they quite have the dynamism or energy to their poses appropriate for a dramatic looking command squad. The legs are just standard tactical squad positions with their wide static stances.

This is where the Vanguard legs come in - I purchased a full set from ebay and the effect is dramatic. Transforming a stationary looking squad into a squad full of movement, charging into the thick of battle.

To continue my Crimson Minotaur custom chapter theme, I added Forgeworld etched brass and Puppetswar alternative heads, shoulders and shields where appropriate. I used veteran heads from various boxed sets and the apothercaries head was actually from the Forgeworld captain/banner set. The doc is probably my favourite character, I have never been a fan of stock GW apothecaries so I wanted to put some extra effort into making him interesting. He is ready, combat blade out, ready to cut out some gene seed from fallen comrades.

The rest of the squad I chose a balanced set of weapons, normally I like to utterly specialise squads but as I said earlier, to get a unique feel to each member I was treating them as individuals. Weapon selection for a space marine is as much a part of their personality as their pose and expression so these were important decisions.

I have some further photos of individual members over here:

Company Champion

Company Standard Bearer

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