Power Armour Progress

I have made some good progress since my previous workbench update with the Assault Squad and Space Marine Chaplain for my Crimson Minotaur chapter now more or less completed.

I am now making good strides into the Adeptus Astartes Storm Wing. The Stormraven and one Stormtalon are all highlighted up with the remaining Stormtalon washed with highlighting to remain. I am also currently having a fun time making their urban bases with lots of different materials acting as rubble.

More Power Armour Awaiting Progress

I have some lovely packages from Forgeworld to add to my collection in the form of more Tactical Marine bodies and some command characters. I love the heresy era MKIV armour with it's straight edges and distinctive bobbles. The first command set that Forgeworld released is beautiful as well.

I have done some simple conversion work with the Captain using the Shield from Puppetswar as well as icons from the etched brass minotaur sheet. The plasma pistol arm is from the Assault Marine squad pack. The only complication was cutting off the helmet the captain was originally holding in his right arm. The changes were simple overall but I think it gives him a really powerful pose.

Blocks of Elven Infantry

My Warhammer project is still in the preparation phase whilst I still um and aah over what colour scheme to use. I am very much looking forward to starting this Elven army but I am not going to rush into it.

I am still picking up good deals from ebay however. I have added 20 White Lions to the pile of sprue I need to deal with. The kit is actually great and filled with detail as you would expect from Games Workshop. The lion detailing and extra parts is really superb and this will make a great block of infantry to centre my army around. I think 50+ of these guys is definitely required....

The other big block of infantry will be the Sea Guard I already spoke about.

Finally, I managed to pick up a good deal on an old school eagle! He will be the start of many flying things in this force.

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