The Minotaurs Need a Captain

My first two characters (Alcaeus & Kanatikos) have been quite flamboyant in their style and the role I intend them to play on the battlefield. I very much wanted a more subdued individual to balance these two. A character that would be a cool head in the background, working hard to ensure every logistical need is met. He won't be taking the glory but his presence is a necessity to victory. His tactical prowess is undisputed even if his marshal abilities are not usually tested directly. He will be taking command of the Crimson Minotaurs 2nd company. I'll expand on his back story more later, probably once I have decided upon a name!

I have had my eye on the Forgeworld MK IV command set since I first saw it. The level of detail in these Mk IV power armoured marines is exceptional, from the tassels hanging from their belts to the eagle shield attached to the cloaks. The love the helmet designs as well, although I'll be using a Puppetswar helmet for the banner to show his veteran status.

The major changes to the original Forgeworld build was to swap the power sword arm for a plasma pistol taken from the Assault Marine set and add my usual Minotaur Puppetswar shoulder pad.

I wanted to make this change in order to reflect the character description I mentioned earlier of a commander in the background, issuing orders from a distance and orchestrating unit movements on a battlefield whilst Chapter Master Alcaeus boosts in and chops everyone up with his lightning claws takings all the glory. A power sword is too close combat orientated to represent this, he needed a ranged weapon.

The Forgeworld etched brass works well with this set. I have not glued up the banner pole sticking out of the captains pack yet since I am still undecided on that one. I can always add this detail later if required.

Here is the progress on my captain just after base coats have been applied. No washes or highlights have been used yet so it's just the basic colour areas marked out. Lovely miniature to paint and he will look fantastic holding the line next to my other squads of tactical marines.

Finally I have been making up some more easy urban bases with sprue debris and sand stuck down with super glue. I have found these hit the perfect balance between overall finished effect and time spent. Simply spray chaos black and dry brush with your favourite greys and you are done!

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