First - Grim Dark News!

I have had a few months off posting. Grim Dark Realms is not dead it has just been in status. I have still been painting, following Games Workshop rumours and releases and am excited as ever about the hobby.

Real life has pushed this blog down the priorities unfortunately. I had a holiday. I moved house. Now I am suffering from frustrating RSI from computer overuse. Bleh. I am keen to get back to it though. As I have said, I have kept up the painting and I have a lot of updates to throw out around my Crimson Minotaur Space Marine Chapter! I have a new project to start too.

My Complete Tau Collection - Almost

Before I start working on those updates I want to show you another army, my largest force - The Tau Empire. These guys have seen a huge amount of action over the last year, fighting off all kinds of power armour flavoured threats. The photos below aren't actually everything. I have more drones, more battlesuits, kroot, more HQ, list goes on!

I am ready for something new now. It has gotten to the point where I want to go back through my whole army and adjust the colour scheme, try out more exciting techniques and be creative with conversions. The thought of going through this force now is laborious indeed. It might just kill the hobby for me.

What I really want to do is start afresh and not have them in the background begging to be touched up. Selling them is the most sensible option. It frees up space in my flat and it frees my mind from guilt and not giving them the attention they deserve.

Ok, here comes the sales pitch. To my UK readers - take a moment to look at my ebay auctions please! 

They are set to just above 50% retail value now but I am certainly willing to accept offers, especially if it involves offers for multiple items.

Some of it has sold already and some is not up there yet. Let me know if you have any questions.

Enough of the sales. Here is the last collection of photos I will ever take for this army! Enjoy.

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