No Extra Baneblade Turret Variations

Many people might be wondering, like myself, whether the discounted Astra Militarum boxed set the Hammer of Cadia contained all the baneblade turret variants like the individual box or just the advertised Banehammer on the front cover.

I have an answer for you coming from UK Games Workshop customer service:

Hello James,

Many thanks for your email and we do apologise for the long delay in responding to you. Since the new web store launched we have received a large increase in both calls and emails.

We have looked into this for you and can see the Hammer of Cadia only comes with the options to build a Hellhammer or a Baneblade tank, none of the other variants I am afraid. 

>We hope this has been of help.

So just the two options then. Slightly disappointing in my view but if you are interested in that particular kit it's still at a pretty good price.

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