Spectacular Sculpts to Inspire!

There are some really great companies out there creating very exciting models. Enjoy this weeks highlights!

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Raging Heroes

So I could easily do an entire feature article just on these guys. They had a highly successful kickstarter campaign for their 'The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy' series and since then have been feeding us with blog posts covered in delicious art and beautiful sculpts.The sheer quantity of different models all at exceptional quality is quite staggering. I will be grabbing some Iron Empire models to mix in with my current Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard forces.

Another successful kickstarter campaign was for a veritable tonne of steampunk dwarves of every flavour you could imagine. You have you standard hammer and beard combination as well as many machines of destructions and mechanical dwarves I have not seen anywhere else. Give them a look!

Spartan Games

Finally, an anomaly in that it is a terrain feature rather than miniatures themselves. However I have been thinking a lot about modular terrain recently so I thought it would be an appropriate highlight. Spartan games have a number of building sets that would fit perfectly into most sci fi themes. With a large number of ways these sets can be combined there is a lot of potential to create just about anything you could want to fight around. I very much want to get a hold of a set to supplement my own terrain options since the quality definitely rivals Games Workshop for detail.

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